Friday, February 4, 2011

Curas Motor in Lajuk Porong

Curas Motor in Lajuk Porong

Lajuk News: Genesis Curas (theft with violence) against bikers still happened, this time hit M Ishari (29) residence in the DSN Setro Rt 7 / 2 Prambon Kec Village. Prambon Sidoarjo.

When the victim with his friend M Nur Mas Hadi tandem bike Honda Mega Pro 2002 Nopol W-6088-XS, right on Jl. Tuang Lajuk Kec. Porong, victims dipepet by unidentified men on a motorbike Yamaha Vega and encourage victims to fall. Wednesday (14 / 4) at 23.00 pm.

The victim fell and one of the perpetrators out Sajam types of sickle and left leg mambacok victim (who dibonceng) to jab injured and the perpetrator managed to rob the victim motorcycle toward the East.


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