Thursday, February 3, 2011

NU Jamaat Yuniwati In Lajuk Porong

NU Jamaat Yuniwati Residents Attend Tahlil Lajuk Porong

PORONG (Lajuk News) - Sidoarjo regent candidate of the Democratic Party, Yuniwati Teryana again showed its proximity to the pilgrims NU Sidoarjo.

This is proven when he attended the congregational prayers invitation Muslimat Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) in Hamlet Pandokan Lajuk Village, District Porong.


Of course the presence of jargon Sido cabup who have this healthy, get appreciation from tahlil Moslem pilgrims.

One of them is ejected from Farhan (50), chairman of Jamiyah tahlil Lajuk Village, District Porong.

According to Farhan, he did not not think if Cabup No. Serial number 1 was pleased to come to the event tahlil placed in her home.

"We do not think if the mother attended the event Tahlil Yuni this," said the man who daily living from farming it.

In this opportunity., Farhan also expressed his hope on Yuni-Sarto Couple more concerned for the fate of their little people, especially farmers, farm laborers and pedicab driver who happened to be a profession most of the local villagers.

"My hope as a farmer, yes, make it easy to get fertilizer and the price is affordable. If fertilizers are expensive, farmers do not have anything to harvest and finally the difficulty of financing their children's schooling as is the case here, "he said.

Responding to the issue, saying that the couple Cabup Yuni Yuni-Sarto is committed to making citizens more prosperous through the program Sidoarjo Sido Makmur.

"In the agricultural sector, we will confirm whether the role of district governments can be maximized again in order to help prevent, for example, increase in fertilizer prices that make no sense," he said. (Lajuk News)


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