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BUILDING SMPN 2 PORONG in Lajuk inaugurated

BUILDING SMPN 2 PORONG in Lajuk inaugurated

Sidoarjo, 09/02/2010 (Kominfo-Newsroom) House SMP Negeri 2 Porong Lajuk located in the village, Porong district, Sidoarjo, officiated by by Assistant I of Governance and Public Welfare Rosidi His hour of Sidoarjo regency, Wednesday (1 / 9) , after-school teaching and learning activities During Nearly four years They are always moving.

Gedung SMP Negeri 2 Porong school Renokenongo That was at the Village, the sinking due to mud Porong, so Moved teaching learning activities, before having Lajuk own building in the Village.

Inauguration of school building SMPN 2 Porong the which is the result of cooperation from Various official Such parties as done by Assistant I of Governance and Public Welfare Rosidiyang Sidoarjo regent Win His Represent hours Hendrarso MSi Drs.

The building Dedication ceremony SMPN 2 Sidoarjo the wrong one construction is obtained from grant aid from Japan and its development projects organized by the Alumni Association of Japan (Persada) East Java, Also conducted the handover RKB (New Classrooms) grants from the Japanese Government to local government of Sidoarjo.

Inauguration ceremony was Attended by the Consul General of Japan Masaaki Takano, Chairman of East Java Persada Salim Sherman, and Chief Education Office Agoes Boedi Tjahjono.

The Inauguration was marked by the signing of the inscription by the regency of Sidoarjo, represented by Assistant I Hisjam Rosidi danKesra Governance and the Consul General of Japan Masaaki Takano and Java Persada Sherman Chief Salim.

Representing the Sidoarjo regent Win Drs Hendrarso MSi, First Assistant Governance and Welfare Hisjam Rosidi Revealed, the construction of Unit of the New School (USB) SMPN 2 Porong obtained from the central government budget program blocgrand Rp1, 492 billion for the construction of a New Class 9Ruang (RKB) and the construction of two acquired RKB of course block the grand East Java Province.


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