Sunday, February 6, 2011

Assisted by Japan, the Development SMPN 2 Lajuk Porong completed

Assisted by Japan, the Development SMPN 2 Lajuk Porong completed

(Lajuk News)Students and teacher educators SMPN 2 Lajuk Porong finally Could Breathe. Because, They now have Their own school building, after building a long-sunken hot mud, the end of 2006. Construction of school buildings covering an area of 01.06 hectares was completed in late July, after receiving grant aid from the Japanese grassroots level through the alumni association of Japan (Persada) East Java, amounting to 94,444 U.S. Dollars.

Help it to build nine new classrooms (RKB), the which was conducted over six months since the signing of development agreement on March 18, 2010 ago. Previously, a school building in the Village District Lajuk Porong blockgrant it was built with funds from the state budget amounting to Rp 1.4 billion. Also it supported the assistance of the East Java provincial government amounted to USD 200 million. Two sources of funds were the resource persons Allocated for the construction of 11 RKB and teacher offices.

Confirmed after the Inauguration, the Consulate General of Japan Mr Masaaki Takano said the young generation in Indonesia has a high potential. Therefore, it was Trying to commit to Provide grant assistance for the education of Indonesian children continues to rise. In particular, children affected by mudflow in Sidoarjo. "We Hope that the mud disaster was not dim Their Enthusiasm," he explained.

Chairman of East Java Persada, Sherman Salim explains, grants from the Japanese government through installments Persada has given times. Everything is in the form of physical development. "But first We only give to the schools We Provide only the basic level to primary level schools. For a mid-level, then We give to this Lajuk Porong SMPN 2. Looking ahead, earnest Persada continue to assist the construction of school buildings for eligible use for teaching and learning activities, "he said.

Representing Regent of Sidoarjo, Sidoarjo regency Assistant I Hisjam Rosidi Them to thank for it. According to uterus, grants from the Japanese government was very helpful continuity of teaching and learning process in SMPN 2 Lajuk Porong. "Currently there are 17 schools are Destroyed by mud. Both SD, MI, or private junior high school. New SMPN 2 Lajuk Porong WHO received school development assistance," said Head of Education Department of Secondary Education in Lajuk Sidoarjo, (Lajuk News)


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