Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Women Owned Assets Steal Her sister

Lajuk News - Sulastri, 36th, villagers Lajuk RT 04 RW 02 Porong, heart to steal nopol Supra Motor 4566 W-NA, mobile phones and cash amounting to Rp 500 thousand, belongs Indriyanti Nofi, 25, who lives on the Road KH. Maksum RT 15 RW 02, which is none other than his brother own property.

The incident occurred when Nofi visit to the home of one of his friends in the area Krembung, please call the perpetrators to be held Porong deliver treatment to the health center because after beaten by her husband.

Feeling sorry for her sister's condition, Nofi then deliver the perpetrator to the health center. Because the process of medical treatment until late at night, Nofi finally stay at her sister rented it.

Nofi not suspect that his good intentions were bitter fruit. Motor Supra parked in the home, mobile phone and cash amounting to Rp 500 thousand, even carried away by her own brother.

Consider sister act is beyond reasonableness, Nofi ultimately report to Mapolsek Porong. After a month in the search, the officer finally apprehended Sulastri at a new boarding house in Kirkcaldy Mojokerto.

Kapolsek Porong Kompol Edy Siswanto, Saturday (11 / 6) said after a report of casualties in Kirkcaldy after so long away, the officer drove to ambush boarding at Kirkcaldy and actors in the region to fruition.

"We're still going to develop this case, it could be her husband got involved in this case," he said.

In the presence of investigators, the suspect confessed forced to steal from his brother because to make ends meet. "After my husband had not worked," I'm the mother of three children quietly. (Nurqomar / B)


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