Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wife seduced, sickle Float

Wife seduced, sickle Float
Lajuk News) - Return Hadi Suprayitno (28), village residents Lajuk RT 01 RW 02 Porong WHO to visit her mother was ill, fruitful Havoc. Because police Porong Had he secured for six months on the run in case of persecution has done to Sagiman (57) citizens of Hamlet Sengon RT 12 RW 03 Desa Renokenongo Porong, on July 16, 2010, the which with sickle blade unsheathed.

Kanit Criminal Police Porong Ipda Bambang Setiadi said the attack stores place in front of a shop on the edge of Highway Lajuk, Porong. Where, Pls was the victim Who is being picked up her grandson Came home from junior high school in 12, ice Bought at a shop near the school.

At That moment, the victim met the suspect and the victim Yell rude tone, with no reason. This makes suspect the more angry. Especially before he toll his neighbors That Often his wife seduced by the victim.

Seeing it, the suspect Went home and returned to the victim with sharp weapons sickle blade, without strings attached from the back, the suspect Immediately cast a sickle to the victim's face and on her cheek Until blood.

"Knowing the victim did not take the fight, the suspect fled Immediately," he said yesterday (06/12/2010).

During eliminate, the suspect confessed That Had he been going to Cikampek. The suspect admitted Also, he was forced to persecution, Because of Jealousy and emotion Pls he was shouted at by the victim. "Also I was annoyed Because my wife Often tempted," I Hadi.

Now the actor has been secured in Mapolsek Porong. The suspect will from be charged with Pasal 351 UU KUHP


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