Monday, February 7, 2011

New Building Inaugurated SMPN 2 Lajuk Porong

New Building Inaugurated SMPN 2 Lajuk Porong

Lajuk News - Construction of school buildings SMPN 2 Porong in the Village area of 1.6 hectares Lajuk Porong grassroots grant assistance from Japan was inaugurated.

The project grant aid through the alumni association of Japan (Persada) amounted to 94,444 U.S. dollars in East Java is realized by the form of nine new classrooms (RKB).

Development carried out During the six months since the signing of the agreement with establishment on 18 March and the end of July ago. Before relocated from Renokenongo, the school is Submerged in mud in 2006.

SMP 2 Also has received help from the state budget funds amounting to Rp blockgrant 1.4 billion. The funds are Allocated for the construction of nine buildings, Including for the RKB and office. While assistance
from the East Java provincial government budget amounting to Rp 200 million Allocated for the construction of two RKB.

Said Consul General of Japan Mr Masaaki, the younger generation in Indonesia have a high potential. Hence through this grant aid to education in Indonesia Increased again. "Although the exposed mud, do not let the spirit of the child here is reduced," he hoped Wednesday (01/09/2010).

That he hoped the aid now given to benefit the future students SMPN 2 Lajuk Porong. Meanwhile, Chairman of East Java Persada Sherman Salim stated, Japan's grant aid has been a lot of dedicated elementary school level.

"But for the construction of new middle school this time done," he explained.

First Assistant Pemkab Sidoarjo Rosidi Hisham said, grant aid from Japan is Helping the continuity of teaching and learning process in SMPN 2 Lajuk Porong. Since 2006 its activities SMPN 2 Lajuk Porong ride on SDN I and II Renokenongo and move the ride to SMP I Lajuk Porong. "Thank God, now has its own school building," she says.


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