Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Police Find Counterfeit Warehouse fuel in Porong

Police Find Counterfeit Warehouse fuel in Porong

Shobi (Lajuk News) - Large City Territorial Police (Polwiltabes) Surabaya has found a warehouse Fuel (BBM) oplosan (mixture) of oil with kerosene in the village of Lajuk, Porong district, Sidoarjo, East Java.

"In the warehouse owned by CV Gemilang 999, we find about 120 thousand oplosan fuel in drums, containers, tanks, and tank trucks," said Chief Polwiltabes Surabaya, Sr. Pol Anang Iskandar in Sidoarjo, Monday.

Accompanied by Chief of Criminal Investigation Unit (Adj Reskrim) Polwiltabes Surabaya, AKBP Dedi Prasetyo, and Head of Department (Head) Community Partnership Polwiltabes Surabaya, AKBP Setyo Sri Rahayu, he argued that the warehouse oplosan fuel was found on March 8, 2008.

"At that time, we found 345 drums of fuel oplosan size of 200 liters, 25 reservoir oplosan size 1,000 liters of fuel, one fuel tank whose contents oplosan 5,000 liters, and a tank truck 25 tons of fuel oplosan contents. So, the numbers range from 120 thousand liters of fuel oplosan, "he explains.

After that, he said, his side carried out the examination of five witnesses until March 13, 2008, and finally set the two suspects that have been inspected on March 14, 2008.

"Two suspects are Asrokim (35) as lead manager Gemilang CV 999 from Sumotuwo, Sumorame, Candi, Sidoarjo and Syamsul Arifin (35) as the seller of residues (waste oil) from Bulaksari II, Surabaya," he said.

Asked about the modus operandi of pengoplosan, he said, Asrokim buy 30,000 liters of fuel from Syamsul Arifin with the price of Rp34, 375 million, then housed in a drum and tank / reservoir.

"Of that number, about 25,000 liters of the two suspects about to be sold to the buyer. But they do not have a business license or a commercial storage of fuel from the government, because we caught it on the report public," he said.

Meanwhile, the five witnesses who examined the Eko N (25) and Vian Eko Ari P (25) as a catcher (the police), then Sudibyo (36) as the driver of PT origin Driyorejo AJS, Gresik and Krisharwindo Meizardo (28) as an employee of CV Gemilang 999.

"We also examined the expert witness from Section Laboratory Production Unit PT Pertamina in Surabaya, namely Slamet Rahardi (53) Western Silver Jl origin, Surabaya," he said.

About material evidence (BB) other, he claimed, were seized from the hands of BB Sudibyo (driver) and Syamsul Arifin (sellers of waste oil).

"From witness Sudibyo, we seized a tanker truck containing 25 tons of fuel, a vehicle registration sheet, a book exam, and one sheet of letter of roads with the aim of PT Gamter Jaya at Jalan Porong or Bunder (Gresik)," he said.

From the suspect's hand Syamsul Arifin, seized 345 drums of fuel oplosan, 25 oplosan fuel reservoir, and one tank of 6,000 liters of fuel oplosan size, but it left 5,000 liters.

"The suspects will we meshes with article 53 letter b, c, and d or pasal 54 UU 22/2001 on Oil and article 55 of Law 22/2001 on Oil and Gas," he added. (*)


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